About Lauren

Lauren Igbanugo is a sophomore studying Digital Media Production and Theatre at Drake University. She grew up with her two brothers, Ethan and Seth Igbanugo in Lakeville, Minnesota. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Minnesota and its locations, we leave in the Twin Cities/Minneapolis area.

Before Lauren started college, she attended Lakeville North High School, where she participated in many different extracurricular activities such as basketball, drama club, and a women’s rights organization called Women of Now. There are a lot more activities Lauren participated in, but these are just the main ones.

From the court to the stage

Although I started playing basketball at a young age, it wasn’t my true calling. Don’t get me wrong I love basketball, but I learned that I don’t enjoy playing basketball during high school, in a competitive nature at the very least.

In my freshman year, I started basketball. Although basketball boosted my confidence and experience competing in front of a crowd, I sensed a missing element in my life. I only played basketball because I was told that it was “fitting” for me as a taller girl, as opposed to playing because I truly enjoyed it. I desired to find the missing piece. One day, while looking at a Much Ado About Nothing auditions poster, my mindset changed. I have always had a passion for theatre, but I never imagined I would actually pursue it. Performing was the missing element I was searching for. But my own self-consciousness discouraged me.

Growing up in a Nigerian household

Being Nigerian-American has taught me about the beauty of different cultures, as well as the society we live in. I have had the chance to embrace my culture from dancing at Nigerian events to eating all the egusi soup my stomach can hold. Being Nigerian-American is a blessing, however, it also comes with its struggles. It is often difficult for people to understand a culture if they only hear about it through stereotypes produced by the media, which is why many Americans are oblivious about many foreign countries, including Nigeria.

In a way, this is a part of where my desire to story tell comes from. One of my career interests is to inform people and silence false stereotypes through theatre. One of the many things participating in theatre has taught me is to put myself in someone else’s shoes and understand who they are. And that’s what I plan to do in order to spread the truth.

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