A Day at Skateville Skate Park

It is fun. It is fitness. It is friendship. Skateville has it all rolled into one. It is Minnesota’s premier roller skating rink for family quality time. It is old school. Skaters from around the Twin Cities and beyond visit them to take advantage of their popular public skating sessions and private group events. They are home to Minnesota’s only wooden rotunda skating floor, arcade, and food court. Everyone skating has a look of zeal on their face, because of the themed skating floor and music. It is now her turn to experience it. She puts on her roller skates and works her way to the rink. At first, she is wobbly, but after getting help from a certified instructor, she is skating like no other.

What To Do

After hours of skating, the DJ says it is time to play a game: the limbo. The DJ asks who would like to go first. Her hand shoots up. As she skates up to the bar, people cheer her on. The bar gets lower and lower as she continues to go under it. Towards the end, she doubts herself, as the lowest bar looks impossible to her. But then, she goes for it, all or nothing. She makes it under the bar. People cheer even louder. The game has ended.

The Aftermath

It is nearing the end of the day and she is hungry. She skates off of the rink and heads to the food court. She studies the menu. She finally decides on a hot dog with light ketchup and mustard, and a side of chips with soda. She eats her food, savoring every bite. Once she is satisfied she heads over to the arcade. She plays a game of basketball and wins 20 tickets. She then goes to the zombie shooting game and wins a whopping 150 tickets. Proud of her gaming skills, she goes over to the Prize Redemption Center. She transfers her tickets for a jumbo size stuffed gorilla.

She is exhausted, but happy with the outcome of her visit. The day at Skateville has now ended.

More About Skateville

Skateville is a family-oriented entertainment facility offering roller skating, inline skating, arcade games, and concessions (snack bar). We specialize in birthday parties and group events. Your group may join us for one of our public sessions or find out about renting the rink for your exclusive use.”

  • Located at 201 South River Ridge Circle Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
  • Contacts: (952) 890-0988 ; info@skateville.com


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